Blog Post #512 5G and AI – are you ready?

Coaching for Life:  5G and AI

The article starts with this strong statement:
What is “fifth-generation intelligence”? Fifth generation, or 5G, is a term used for a range of technologies that will enable mobile internet to function up to 20 times faster than today’s speeds. Combine the proliferation of 5G data speeds with another advancing technology, artificial intelligence, and you get a new and potentially game-changing era of technological development.

So a technology for mobile internet at speeds up to 20 times faster?  WOW. And then throw artificial intelligence on top of that, and yes “you get a new and potentially game-changing era of technological development”.

The article goes on:

Making you safer online. Globally, nearly 2 billion data records were compromised in cyber attacks within the first six months of 2017, and big tech companies have come under fire for failing to protect user privacy. Once again, enter AI: Now Microsoft, IBM and Cisco, among others, are employing machine learning to protect their customers’ identities and data around the clock and in real time.

“Satellites will play a big role. The towers that mobile connectivity currently depend upon won’t work for 5G, and new towers could cost billions of dollars. So, at least to start, it will only be profitable for telecom companies to develop 5G in densely populated metropolitan areas, building as few new towers as possible. The best way to expand the 5G footprint? Satellites. Groups from SpaceX to the European Union are trying to fill that gap by developing satellite solutions to beam 5G connectivity from space to millions more people.”

I remember in my early years in computing where computers were described as “high-speed idiots”.  The concept was that no matter how fast the computers were, they were no better than the programming built into them.

But, now, the ‘high-speed idiot’ is a ‘super-high-speed-very-intelligent-machine’.  That does scare some people (but ‘horseless carriages’ and ‘flying machines’ also scared our ancestors a hundred years ago.

What should we do?  Learn, learn about what is going on; and be ready for the ‘game changing’ technologies!!!

Are you ready?


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