Blog #493 Giving Back – part 1

Giving Back:  It is my strong opinion that you can always give back to society.  There are almost as many ways to do this as people.

This article has many interesting ways to give back.  I will look at the article tomorrow.

But, this is the first paragraph in the article:

“Do you feel a personal responsibility to help others? Randy Lewis, the author of “No Greatness Without Goodness,” claims that all people, including businesses, have the responsibility to make the world a better place. In his case, he spearheaded a Walgreens initiative to hire the disabled. In the five years following his initiative, similar programs were sparked across America and Europe.”

Even as college students, you can be part of campus activities that benefit the community.  

Some people like working in food pantries – distributing contributed food to those less fortunate.

Others work with Meals on Wheels – distributing lunches to elderly and shut-ins

I’ve joined a group – Education Connections that says students need to learn to read by third grade.  Their research shows that students who can’t read by third grade become problems for society. They can’t read, they don’t do well in school, they join gangs, they find other ways for recognition – and the changes are higher than they will be in some time of institution as adults – from jails to various other public assistance facilities.  I have two first grade students who I spend 15 minutes with each week. They read to me, and I read to them – one-on-one. So far, we’ve read several of the beginning books.

There are groups for almost everything.  Taking Veterans fishing; being a big brother/big sister; building (like Habitat for Humanity).  Some groups require physical ability (like Habitat), others just need volunteers to sit at a welcome desk.  Some are church and religious groups; others are political groups, there are so many options.

Even just cleaning out your closet and donating your old clothes (in good condition) to thrift shops.  (Actually, you can donate almost any clothes. I’ve seen boxes of rags made from donated shirts (with the buttons off) – that can be used for paint spills and other clean-up activities,

And, related to that is recycling – put those recyclable items in their place.  Let the people create new aluminum cans from old, or glass bottles from old, or reusing plastic (instead of filling up dumps and landfills).  In a previous post, I’ve talked the Great Pacific Plastic Patch.

Tomorrow – more on giving back!!

So, are you already giving of your time (and finances) to supportive groups or others?



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