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Coaching for Life Success: Overcoming Limitations

Do you have limitations?  I sure do!!! Like it has been a long time since I ran a 4 minutes mile!!!  (Okay, that is never. My fast mile – maybe was like 10 minutes!!) I’m sure there are things that I say, do and think that are limiting me.  

Maybe deep down inside I don’t think I can do something – but it seems to be hidden from my actual self.

Today as I’m writing, I said ‘yes’ to a project that really should be nice to do – and it pays.  Except, I’m having trouble getting into it. I’ve seen more of that lately. In the past few months, I’ve had some people ask me for recommendation letters.  Of course, I said “yes”. But, a day or two later, I’m thinking “why did I say ‘yes’”? I do write great recommendation letters – when I get down to it. But, sometimes, I’m just ‘not in the mood!!  

But knowing your limitations can let you work on them.

The article has this story:

Knowing your limits is essential to self-growth. Leadership author Jim Collins wrote about some of his limitations:  
“When he was in his early 40s he decided that he wanted to become a better climber. So he hired a personal climbing coach, a young woman in her early 20s. She put Jim through a rigorous unlearning process that forced him to undo all of the habits he had put into his climbing technique since his teen years. It was an awkward and humbling process but Collins persisted and gained the proficiency he needed to become better.”

“Recognition of limitations is the first step. As Collins illustrates, it is what you do next that matters. An executive coach may be able to point out things to do differently but unless you try them out, and commit to the change process, no amount of coaching in the world will work.”

I’ve asked at the end of many classes for students to tell me some of my limitations (and faults) – do I talk too fast or slow; are my tests too hard or too easy; do I speak loud enough; do I keep class interesting (or boring) – plus allow the students to add their anonymous comments.  While it is too late for this particular class, they will have suggestions for improvement for the next classes.

Of course, there is another way to find your limitations – run for political office.  Your opponents will find a lot of limitations (which, of course, makes you unsuitable for office and makes them ideal for office!!!)

Maybe you have a limitation or fear of speaking in public, there are good ways to overcome that – Toastmasters is a group that works on that.  

Maybe you have a visual limitation.  Like recently when I spilled some item on my shirt.  If I go around and apologize for my shirt, before long it becomes a focal point.  If you can’t do anything about it (in the shirt case), let it go and make the least of it!!


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