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Coaching for Life Success:  Meet the “Late Bruce White”

12 Tips for Being Punctual – How to Be On Time

Okay, two quick comments:  (1) generally when we said “The late Bruce White”; means he had died – not truth this time; (2) I’m referring to people who are always late – to appointments, to work, to life.

Yes, there are good excuses for being late.  “There was an accident on the road ahead of me” is generally a good excuse.  BUT, in general, there are no reasons to be late. Leave the house early; take an earlier bus; find a quicker way to work; use technology – like Waze.  

Okay, I’m getting to really fit in the “senior” category.  Let’s see, my appointment is at 2:00; it takes about 30 minutes to get to the appointment, so if I leave an hour early that should work.  Now, I am retired and generally don’t have to rush. When I was on campus, I did that estimation to arrive about 5 to 10 minutes early.

I rarely was late to class.  Yes, there were days when somebody that I really ‘needed’ to talk to caught me in the hallway going to class, but even then, I managed to make that quick and be on time (if not early to class).  I liked being early to class. It let me walk around and make small talk with my students. “How are your classes going?”. For most students, I knew a little about their activities “How is your fraternity going?  Rush work out okay?” “How is baseball season?” “How is the pep band this year?” Students who were early had a better rapport with me. As for me, getting to class or to an appointment early enough to check in and be ready is the ‘right’ thing to do  Don’t delay others because the doctor/dentist was 10 minutes late because I was ten minutes late. Or – the condition: “Your dental work today should take about 40 minutes. But because you will 10 minutes late, you’ll need to reschedule it.

If I was late to class (or to a meeting), the others had to wait for me.  If you consider a corporate meeting – and let’s assume there are ten people attending the meeting – all of which are making $900 an hour (or about $180,000 a year).  And, if I’m ten minutes late, that is about $15 a minute times 10 for ten people for 10 minutes – or about $1,500 of wasted time.

In another content for late,

In systems analysis, it is generally a bad thing to add a person to a late project – as it will make it later.  The person who just got added to the project generally doesn’t know anything about the project. The team leaders have to put some things on hold in order to bring that late person up-to-speed.  (If the new person is familiar with the project that is not necessarily a problem).

Basically, the admonition today is:  “Be on time” (or “Be early”)

Do you then to be late?  Set an alarm on your phone to make sure you get going!!!

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