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Coaching for Life Success:  Friends -good or toxic.

I don’t want to be too crass here, but there are good friends and there are toxic friends.  Who do you spend time with can be important to you and to your career and life.

This link gives some of the attributes of good friends and toxic friends.

In the Good Friends category, they have:

– Good Friends celebrate your success

– Good Friends know the value of ‘you time’

– Good Friends are caring and encouraging

– Good Friends respect you and value your friendship

– Good Friends accept you the way you are

– Good Friends know how to keep a secret

But, the other list is for toxic friends

– Toxic Friends get jealous of your success

– Toxic Friends try to occupied (or monopolize) your time

– Toxic Friends judge and criticize you

– Toxic Friends try to control and change you

– Toxic Friends can get you in trouble

We have talked about networking and finding good mentors.  That would fit into the professional good friends category.  Toxic friends might impose upon you to drink too much or get into drugs or abuse.  

Zig Ziglar’s comment about “You are what you are because of what has gone into your mind” is at work here – find friends that encourage you and build you up.

What do you think?


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