Blog #465 – Getting to WHY -part 1

Coaching for Life Success:  Getting to WHY – part 1

Who are you?  (Really?)

How do you do what you do?

What drives you?

And … down deep – WHY do you do it?

Simon Sinek has an excellent “Start with Why” concept (see link – and especially the TED Talk video).  He writes the following:

“Fulfillment is our right.  Not a luxury for the chosen few”  (are you feeling fulfilled?)
“Imagine a world where we wake up inspired to go to work.” (are you inspired to work?)
“Imagine a world where we feel safe at work.” (are you safe at work?)
“Imagine a world where we are fulfilled by the work we do?”

“Why do you get up in the morning?  Why does your organization exist? Your why is the purpose, cause or belief that inspires you to do what you do.  When you think, act and communicate starting with WHY you can inspire others.” (Do you have a reason – deep inside – an answer to the “WHY” question?)

What is YOUR purpose in life?  To make a lot of money? To be happy?  To give back to the community? To be a great citizen leader?  To be an industry/financial leader? To be the best mother (or father) you can be?  To be a great doctor? How about being a great lawyer – helping those who can’t help themselves?  How about being an All-Star NFL Football Player?

As mentioned before, here are Zig Ziglar’s Seven Life Spokes:


We briefly talked about those areas when we talked about goals.  Today, I want you to go deeper – What is important to you – and WHY?

My WHY list is changed in the last three years as I retired.  Actually, I have struggled to find new meaning, goals and why do I want these things in life.  I know a lot of senior people that I am pretty sure have no real deep WHY’s in their life. Their WHY’s might be – I want to live to be 100 years old.  (Okay – and why is that? Ohh … I don’t really know – just seems to be a nice goal. ) I am reminded of the neighbor who retired from a food processing plant and within six months at home, (watching TV and snacking all the time), he had his heart attack and died.  He didn’t have real ‘WHY am I living” reasons.

Can your WHY be to enjoy life – through fishing, golf, pickleball, or travel?  Sure it can. But be ready to defend your lifestyle – not as “well, I wanted to keep busy” – but as I really deep down enjoy the challenge of fishing (or golf, etc.)  

To think about:

– What is your WHY?  Why are you living? What is deep down inside you?  

– If you don’t have a good answer, maybe you need to rethink your life

I’m going to continue to make a difference in people’s lives until I die!!!  I am going to show compassion, love, and acceptance to others; and I am going to be a bright spot in other people’s lives – so they will say “That Bruce White is always so upbeat and cheerful”.


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