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Coaching for Life Success:  Outside the Comfort Zone #2

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Back to getting outside our comfort zone – here are some ways to get outside our comfort zone.

This is the active part of getting out your comfort zone ideas:  Try some of these – then write a response about how you felt.

From the first link we have this:

-Drive a different way to work.  (Many times I have driven the same old drive and then asked myself “Did you see the new restaurant?” “Did you see McDonald’s?” “Did you see the new property for sale signs”.  And, most times, my answer is ‘no’. I really wasn’t paying attention. A different drive to work may help break you out of your complacency/comfort zone

– Do lunges and squats when you take the stairs.  Yup – time to stretch your body as well as your brain

– Take on a project that you think you might be able to handle, but definitely is a stretch.  (I’ve been tutoring math/algebra lately. But, one of my students needed help with physics. Oops – out of my comfort zone.  But, her first three assignments (before I helped) were 0 out of 10; 1 out of 10, 3 out of 10 – and the assignment I helped with was 10 out of 10!!!  WOOO!!!

– Open a conversation with somebody you don’t normally talk to!!!

– Take an art class or music class with stretches you.  (I’ve had many friends do one of those ‘art parties’ – where everyone paints about the same picture in the evening.  It looks like fun; you are with friends (within your comfort zone), but painting is outside your comfort zone)

– Find something that you generally do alone and then find a group that does that.  (I’ve been relearning my German language skills – on Meetup in the Austin area are many German groups – time to get out of my comfort zone and practice my German with others)

Other links suggest that happiness is rarely found within your comfort zone.  (You are hardly awake in your comfort zone – get out and smell the roses)

– The magic doesn’t happen in your comfort zone.  (When you are just on edge, maybe some butterflies in your stomach you can find that magic challenge that will change your life)

– Try a different cuisine; try a different beverage, try a different grocery store (where you don’t know where everything in)

– Visit a different church/synagogue.  – try a different small group – go to a predominantly black church (if white) or predominately white church (if black).

– Do a charitable event – Alzheimer’s Walk, Walk against Cancer, paint run.  

– Do something outlandish.  We talked of BHAG – big hairy audacious goals – set up a challenge for yourself to do something big and out of your comfort zone.  How about going to New York City on New Year’s Eve to watch the ball come down – with millions of others.

– Read a new author – in a new genre.  Go to the SciFi row at the library and check out a book (assuming you are not normally a Sci-Fi reader).

– Watch a political show from a different point of view.  If you lean left, watch Fox; if you lean right; watch MSNBC.  (And try to understand their viewpoints)

And … a couple of quotes from Robin S. Sharma

“As you move outside of your comfort zone, what was once the unknown and frightening becomes your new normal.”

“If people aren’t laughing at your dreams, your dreams aren’t big enough.”


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