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Coaching for life success – visualization:

I am a mentor to a middle school boy.  Frequently in the last few minutes of our time together, we play basketball.  He has a little game where it is the last few seconds of a game, and the home team is behind by one point.  He is visualizing the fans, the scoreboard and drives towards the basket and sees himself scoring the winning basket.  (And, if he misses, he gets the rebound and there is still enough time for another shot).

The concept of visualizing is a great way for goal setting as well.  Let’s say you can picture yourself walking across a stage at graduation wearing a black gown and receiving your diploma; (or wearing doctoral robe and colors as I visualized years ago) or seeing yourself in a wedding dress walking down the aisle to get married to the man of your dreams.  

Picture yourself receiving the award for ‘mother of the year’; or ‘employee of the year’.  Picture yourself with the CEO announcing that you have been promoted to some very important job.  

In those images, picture as much detail as you can.  What color are the walls, are there pictures on the walls, what else is vibrant in your picture.  

(Women) Again, picture yourself in your wedding gown.  What special features do it have? Where are you getting married?  In your home church, in a garden, in a destination location? What color are your bridesmaids dresses?  Can you see your mother daubing at her eyes as you walk down the aisle. [And, for mothers and fathers, can you visual your daughter in a beautiful wedding gown walking down the aisle?]

Then put emotions with that image – are you feeling so excited, so happy, with your heart overflowing at whatever recognition you are receiving?

You need to keep your goals fresh and in front of you.  Write them down and review them outloud. “OWN” them.

There is an old adage “It is hard to remember when you are up to your waist in alligators, that your goal was to drain the swamp”.  It you can keep your eyes, your brain and your heart on your goals, getting there will be easier!!!

What do you think?  Do you visual yourself reaching your goal?



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