Blog #439 Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well

Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well

Yesterday, I used Zig Ziglar’s spoke lists for life:

  1. Physical / Health
  2. Personal / Social
  3. Work / Career
  4. Family
  5. Spiritual
  6. Financial
  7. Mind / Intellect

While I have looked more at your work and career – and that definitely is worth doing well.  The other points are valid as well.

How about ‘sharpening the saw’ (as Stephen Covey suggests)?  Are you investing in yourself, your learning, but also your mind and intellect?

I see too many men with potbellies (or ‘beer bellies’).  Health is important. You should be setting some goals for healthy eating and healthy activities and exercise.

But, not just ‘doing’ exercise (or work or other of Ziglar’s spokes) – but doing it well.  If you are serious about exercise (say jogging or running), then get a great pair of running shoes.  If you are serious (and passionate) about being passionate with your spouse; then do it WELL.

If you want to get ahead at work, find a mentor (and treat him or her to lunch or coffee).  If you are serious about your spiritual growth, find a spiritual guide for your beliefs.

You are known by what you invest in – and what you spend time with.  While it might have been more of a gender basis, but men seem to put a lot of emphases, time and physical investment on their work – sometimes to the detriment of their families or health or social life.

Invest in yourself.

Let’s think about time.  Do you spend three or more hours in front of the television?  Is that your passion – are you using your time wisely? Maybe you (or, really I) can invest my time on Saturday or Sunday by getting some exercise and listening to the audio version of my favorite football teams.  I rode the CapMetro bus to campus at the University of Texas. The busses were equipped with WiFi – and instead of just looking out the window, I could work on my lecture, plan my class activities out on the bus.

Investing in yourself – is an activity that is worth doing well.  So, examine yourself. What should you be doing better – and how do you get to that point in your life?

What do you think?


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