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Coaching for Life Success – Infrastructure 2

Yesterday we talked (ever so lightly) of physical infrastructure) – roads, dams, power, dams, and more.  Today, let’s talk about your personal infrastructure.

So, following this course, I’m encouraging you to have a great attitude, set SMART goals and even BHAG goals.  I want you to be passionate, enthusiastic, great, remarkable and more.

But – that doesn’t just happen.

First – education.  My work was as a professor.  You have to have the right tools and education for your field.  But, more than that, you need to have critical thinking and creative thinking skills.  We talk about ‘thinking outside the box’. The jobs of the future are still developing.  Robotics will do more and more things people have done for years. For example, preparing to be an accountant with paper ledgers is out-of-date.  

For many of us, our last formal education ends with a college degree.  You walk across a platform in your cap-and-gown, shake the dean’s hand and say to yourself “I’m done with my education!”.  Unfortunately, that is not true. There is ALWAYS more to learn. In my computing background, I’ve learned seven-plus programming languages – but I don’t know the more recent programming languages.  And, speaking of languages, it would be great for you to pick up skills in spoken languages. I do daily lessons in German, have done a year plus learning Spanish. I haven’t started on Mandarin, I know a little Russian.  I need more skills in languages – both computer and spoken.

What else?  Business skills are always important as well – basic accounting, finance, accounting, economics, management, and manufacturing.  Computer skills, like artificial intelligence, data mining, and even some basic programming are good.

You need to invest in yourself.  You can take formal classes, online informal classes, go to seminars, watch TED talks – but keep learning.  We use the term “lifelong learning” – and that is true. If you stop learning, you will atrophy and die (maybe not physical, but die from the skills needed in your environment).  Playing ‘catch-up’ with job skills is not as good as being proactive and learning the skills that might be needed. Spend some time daily investing in learning – as Stephen Covey said we need to “Sharpen the Saw”.

Are you growing smarter every day?  Are you investing in yourself everyday?

More tomorrow!!

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