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Coaching for Life Success – Infrastructure 1

A slight detour today, but to set up tomorrow’s coaching for life success posting.

We have just returned from a long trip – 15 days; 3000 miles; 8 states; 5 hotels (with 7 nights); 3 grandchildren; 4 major friends (and families); and driving in lots of rain!!!

I was reminded that there are a lot of things we don’t think about.  Some road crew(s) built the roads we were on. In Nebraska – somewhat uncharted in the 1860’s – crews laid rock and train tracks.  In the Mississippi River, crews but locks and dams so barges and boats could get up and down the river. Then you have all the infrastructure with electricity, plumbing, sewers, even traffic signals.  

Then, we have to think about updating the infrastructure for modern times.  Phone lines are supplemented with cell towers; and also are buried underground where storms had a harder time of disrupting (as with electrical lines).  We saw thousands of wind turbines (and more blades and units on the road heading to building sites) generating clean power (*although some birds are killed by the blades*).  

I remember dial-up computing – that has been replaced by gigabit transmission.  I remember black-and-white television with three stations that has been replaced by Netflix, Roku, Amazon, and zillions of channels.

We also saw infrastructure being updated and replaced.  Yes, we can kid about the two seasons in Minnesota – being winter season and road construction season.  And while driving through those road construction zones might not be pleasant, the ultimate goal is better roads, safer bridges, and happier drivers.

There is a lot that goes on that we don’t even notice (except maybe to grumble when it affects us).  And – it all goes to support our lifestyle. I don’t really want to like in a sod shanty in rural Nebraska.  I like having heat, lights, roads, running water – and indoor plumbing.

Maybe we should adjust our attitudes to thank those infrastructure workers – renewing, updating, and maintaining what we rarely consider.

What do you think?

Tomorrow – maintaining our personal infrastructure!

See you then!!



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