Blog Post #420:  Power of Positive Thinking for Seniors!!!

Blog Post #420:  Power of Positive Thinking for Seniors!!!
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This topic is NOT just for seniors – but for all of us.  But as a senior, I think it is more important.

Staying positive can be hard – no matter the age.  When your body aches, when you see more doctors than any other profession, it is easy to get down and depressed.  

The article mentions a song from the 1940’s – Accent the Positive, Eliminate the Negative.  The article says “Studies have found that actively fostering positive emotions can boost the immune system, stave off depression, and enhance health and quality of life overall”.

Again the article says:

“As wellness professionals, we look at the whole person, striving to help each resident not only physically, but emotionally, intellectually, vocationally, socially, and spiritually,” Whitwell explains. “Our program focuses on all these areas, with the goal of improving physical health, mental outlook, and social belonging.”

For a second, think of your car’s gas gauge.  When the tank is full, the arrow points to “F”; and when empty, the arrow points to “E”.  Now think of your happiness gauge, is it on “F” or is it on “E”? When it gets to “E”, you are unhappy, depressed, feeling worthless, sick and very negative.  You need to find your happiness filling station to get your happiness gauge back to “F”. For some people it is easy and for others, very hard.
I find that I can get some ‘happiness’ into my tank through music.  I’ve had Tschaikowsky on my iPod in the car for the last week and before I can hum along or even whistle.  (I do try to avoid Symphony Six finale as that is a down movement – of the last symphony before he died). Or, the movement from Stravinsky’s Firebird Suite – from the Berceuse (the next to last movement) into the Finale.  I hold my breath as the firebird dies at the end of the Berceuse and wait for the solo French Horn to open the finale as the firebird comes back to life.  At the end of the piece, in fortissimo volume, the orchestra joins in the joyful leading to a very peaceful final measure. (As a tuba player, there is one note that the tuba and timpani change the chord before the rest of the orchestra that I also await).  If I am in the car next to you, and my windows are down, and my volume is full and if you look at me, I am the conductor – directing this awesome finale.

Others can find joy and happiness in their gardens or hobbies; I also find great joy and happiness in my grand-children.  

Deep inside, when you are starting to hurt, find that special place in your mind, that special process to fill your tank again and conquer the pain and depression.

What do you do to fill up your life with happiness and joy?


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