Blog Post #417:  Space – the Final Frontier?

Blog Post #417:  Space – the Final Frontier?

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In the past month, SPACE has taken off!!!  (In many ways).

Today’s article talks about a probe going to the sun.  The Parker Solar Probe took off on Sunday, August 12th. At top speed, it will go 430,000 miles per hour (almost as fast as my brother-in-law drives).  It will use seven flybys of Venus to accelerate to the full speed. It will find out so much more about the sun’s corona, solar flares, solar winds and more.  The article says “It will get hammered” as the probe endure temperatures estimated about 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit. (I thought about volunteering to go with the problem until I heard about the temperatures.  I thought I could pack a portable air conditioner, but the electrical cord just got too long to be viable!!!)

But, in the past month (or slightly more), scientists found water on Mars, encouraging Elon Musk and others to plan a Mars colony; SpaceX rocket company has demonstrated the ability to retrieve and reuse rocket parts; Vice President Pence revealed a plan for a “Space Force”; the use of the International Space Station to be a launching people to the moon and mars; Jeff Bezos (from Amazon fame) has supported Blue Origin – another spacecraft launch facility); and probably more.

Some are promoting space as a way to get off the earth before we ‘kill’ it with pollution, garbage, hatred, and global warming.  

In my mind, a song from 1966 is playing – Everyone’s gone to the moon:

Streets full of people, all alone
Roads full of houses, never home
Church full of singing, out of tune
Everyone’s gone to the moon

But, not just the moon – but to that last frontier – Space.

Are you ready?  (Will your great-great-great-grandchildren live on Earth or someplace else?)

(By the time my great-great-great-grandchildren come along, I’ll be long gone; but maybe, just maybe, someplace in cyberland, my blog posts will exist!!!)

What do you think?


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