Blog Post #409 Cell Phone Fun!!

Blog Post #409:  Cell Phone Fun?

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For some recent blog posts, I’ve written about Nomophonia – the fear of being away from your cell phone.  Look around in a restaurant while people are waiting for their food – everybody’s on their cell phone.

I thought maybe I’d be a bit lighter today – and back to serious topics tomorrow (3D printing – and printing plastic guns).

My first ‘experience’ with cell phones was at the Red Wing pottery factory in Red Wing Minnesota.  I was stretching my legs outside and a man was in his car on his cell phone. I shook my head – ‘what was so darn important to be calling somebody on an expensive cell phone?’

I remember my friend Tom Farrell had an early cell phone in his car.  It was ‘huge’ – plugged into his cigarette lighter – but it worked. My wife Connie finally got one for her job and again it was big.

As for the smaller, portable cell phones, my first experience there was so romantic!!!  I was in the grocery store. It was a pretty quiet time in the store and only two people were in the cereal aisle – me and a pretty lady.  I’m picking out some cereal when she says “I love you!!!”. WOW – I don’t even know this lady and she is telling me she loves me? I must be some kind of stud!!!  I’m sure I was blushing as I was getting ready to say something back like “Excuse me, I don’t even know you” when she turned a little and I saw she had a phone to her ear (and I’m assuming she was talking to her husband (or boyfriend) – and not to me!!!

Of course, fast forward to today.  While I’m may not quite a nomophobia addict, I do have my phone in my car, in the grocery store and almost always in my pocket.  I have been known to say to Connie “I love you” from the grocery store and get no strange looks from others.

I am amazed at where cell phones get used.  I don’t use my phone when I’m in the restroom, although I have heard phone conversations going on around me – with the various grunts and noises of the restroom!!!  

So, what cell phone experiences do you have?  Any funny experiences you’d like to share?


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