Blog Post #405:  Security Robots??

Blog Post #405:  Security Robots??

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A technology innovation is the Security Robot.  Already deployed at airports (Laguardia NY in particular), casinos and private estates; they seem to offer some security on a 24/7 basis (as compared to humans who have to take time off to eat and sleep).

This particular article was about robot based security devices on a Segway personal transportation device.  While the robots are autonomous (on-their-own), with cameras and other sensory devices; there are times when they need a human to help out.  The Segway machines allow a human to ride the robots when needed.

A similar story from Laguardia airport indicates that some women think the robots are spying on them or just creeping them out.  (Their robots are more like R2D2 – see:


There are many mundane tasks in the world, just plain boring tasks, that such a robotic device might be able to assist with.  With cameras and artificial intelligence, they can record actions. The articles I read weren’t sure if it had facial recognition software which could help to identify ‘friend or foe’.  


So could this be a solution to school shootings?  It might be that all ‘normal’ people in a school have a badge or faces that are in the database.  As a visitor to a school reports into the main office that visitor gets a badge or has their face identified.  An intruder to the school would be recognized by the security robot and if the robot senses a gun or other malicious intent, it could taser the person as well as automatically call 9-1-1.  If no malicious intent seems to be the case, it could ‘hound’ the person to get to the office and get a badge or get their picture into the database.

(Okay, that was my thought).  Do you think a robot security force could enhance security in schools, airports or shopping malls?  

What do you think?



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