Blog Post #390:  “I’m in love!!!” (or not) – the Ultimate RV vehicle

Blog Post #390:  “I’m in love!!!” (or not) – the Ultimate RV vehicle

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Time for a little lighter discussion.  Furrion Elysium RV Has a Heli Pad, Hot Tub, Wine Fridge, and More

I’ve never been too much of an RV guy.  When you went on vacation you got a hotel near your destination.  And before that, (when we were ‘poor’) we even were in tents. Of course, when I was a Scout Master, tents were the norm.  But, my wife’s family was big on recreational vehicles (RV). My father-in-law had a fifth wheel RV that he pulled with a large pick-up truck.  After he retired, he and my mother-in-law made the trek from Minnesota to Arizona every fall and back every spring. They made stops in South Dakota (where we were living), Wyoming (for my sister-in-law and family), and sometimes other places.  They pretty much had everything they needed in that RV. For some years they lived in the RV during the winter until they got a “park model” (kind of a mobile home that was fixed on a lot in a RV park).

But, when I saw this article, I fell in ‘love’ (or ‘lust’ maybe).

Here is an RV with a retractable helipad (helicopter not included), a hot tub, master bedroom, kitchen, smart toilet, smart shower, three huge televisions, and an upper-deck for entertaining (next to that hot tub).

The best sentence in the article is this:  “Yes, it will be way over our budget, but a man can dream…”  

The article did not give the price (with or without the Robinson R22 helicopter) – I am sure we ‘could’ afford it (sell our house, sell our cars, cash in my retirement account) – that is without the helicopter (and taking a mortgage / loan for the rest of our lives and the lives of our children).

But as the article stated – “a man can dream”!!!!

What do you think?


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