Blog Post #379:  Can I have the next dance Sophia?

Blog Post #379:  Can I have the next dance Sophia?

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So here is Sophia – a humanoid robot.  I can beat her in a race (she only goes about 0.6 miles an hour – hey – I can get a mile in about 15 minutes – or 4 miles an hour).  She can do some dance steps – smile (the links says about 60 facial expressions). Her speech is somewhat limited – some scripted responses and some artificial intelligence (AI).  

(Do watch the video – it is about a minute long).

Sure this is a prototype = but how soon before we get C3PO?  (R2D2 wouldn’t be quite as interesting).

Do you want a robotic helper around the house?  Is this the future?

Hmmm … I’m guessing my wife might like a robot better than me – doesn’t eat anything, just plug the robot in at night, give simple directions, doesn’t sleep, obeys directives, doesn’t argue – hey I can be replaced!!!

What do you think?


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