Blog Post #377:  55 Hours without Coal!!

Blog Post #377:  55 Hours without Coal!!

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I have written about our use of fossil fuel (including coal).  This article says that England (aka the United Kingdom) set a new record of 55 hours without using coal power.  

The article states: “The UK is becoming a force to be reckoned with in sustainable energy use, and currently ranks sixth on the World Bank’s sustainable energy scorecard (behind Denmark, Canada, the US, Netherlands and Germany).

The UK’s renewable energy mix consists largely of wind and solar generation — in 2017, Britain’s wind farms generated more electricity than coal power plants for more than 75 percent of the year. According to recent government figures (PDF), the reduction in coal use was responsible for a 3 percent drop in greenhouse gas emissions compared to 2016.”

Scientists tell us there is a link between fossil fuel usage and global warming.  That global warming is affected by greenhouse gas emissions (so less coal usage, less emissions).  

If the UK can reduce coal usage (to even a new record of over 2 days without coal; others countries can do the same.  Can the United States do this? Can we use more wind, solar, renewable fuels (like ethanol); hydro power?

Growth in wind power is up in the United States; solar power is up; but political factors can affect energy usage as well.  


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