Blog Post #361:  It sure is HOT in Texas (Global Warming)

Blog Post #361:  It sure is HOT in Texas (Global Warming)

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Okay, it is HOT in Texas.  Not a new concept. But maybe it is HOTTER in Texas!!!

This article suggests global warming is going to continue in Texas with these problems:

  • Drought – major dry periods
  • Heat Waves – more days over 100 degrees
  • Flooding and Downpours – but … when it rains it POURS
  • Sea level rise – affecting the Texas coast (maybe not as much as the eastern seaboard, but enough)

The article states:

“Unfortunately, it applies to climate change in Texas as well. With a super-sized state, the impacts of climate change are bigger and badder than in the other 49. In fact, Texas experienced 75 weather and climate disasters between 1980 and 2015, each of which produced at least a billion dollars in losses (across the states in which they impacted), more than any other state.

Here’s what global warming means for the Lone Star State. In other words, “Houston, we have a problem.”

Now global warming has been discussed by smarter minds than mine.  There are facts and figures and projections all over the board. Some suggest that global warming is just a periodic trend – give us a few more years and we’ll be in a global cooling period (maybe some significant number of years).  Or … if we don’t do something soon, the ice caps at the north and south pole will melt. With the melting ice caps, New York, Boston, Miami and other cities right on the coast will disappear under seawater. Food crops will dry up (or will have to be grown in Norway and Alaska).  Cacao and vanilla may have trouble growing in their current locations.

Recently I’ve written about using renewable energy resources.  Some countries are already at 100% renewable energy and others are close – and the United States is quite a distance behind.  Even Australia which has abundance solar energy is not harnessing that energy.

So … maybe there is a chance we can change our lives and our usage of energy to help stem global warming – maybe we need to think, talk and act on it sooner rather than later!



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