Blog Post #354:  Cheaper Car Batteries?

Blog Post #354:  Cheaper Car Batteries?

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One of the extra expenses in electric cars is the battery cost.  General Motors is paying $145 for a kilowatt hour for their electronic vehicles.  Tesla is closing in on $100 for a kilowatt hour – a 36% decrease in costs for a kilowatt hour.  Considering the total costs of batteries in an electric car – a significant decrease in battery costs would make the vehicles more affordable.

This article suggests that:

“Elon Musk is generally careful not to use the term “breakthrough” when describing advancements in battery technology but he has used it this week to talk about Tesla’s latest advancements in battery energy density and cost.

“Tesla’s CEO even gave us a pretty good idea of the automaker’s current battery costs.

“One of the automaker’s most important goal is to achieve a battery pack cost of $100 per kWh.

“At that cost, the battery pack isn’t a bottleneck to achieve price parity with gas-powered cars, which would make any of Tesla’s vehicles even more competitive.

“As for the cost at the pack level, Musk sees Tesla achieving that important price point of $100 per kWh for the overall battery pack in less than two years.

“Musk also added that he sees Tesla achieving a 30% improvement in volumetric energy density within 2 to 3 years using current proven technology that “needs to be scaled and made reliable.”

“Such an improvement in volumetric energy density would mean that Tesla could, for example, fit 130 kWh of energy capacity in its current Model S and Model X 100 kWh battery packs and push the range of those vehicles over 400 miles on a single charge.

Taking this concept a step farther, cheaper batteries can work in a lot of things.  That is a good thing.

Would you be interested in an electric vehicle?  In a Tesla vehicle? What is your break point for a new car?

What do you think?


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