Blog Post #353: Car Dashboards for the future?

Blog Post #353: Dashboards for the future?

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While this article highlights lots of new ideas, I’ll pick the ones that I like (after all, it is my blog!!!)

Augmented Reality Heads-up Display:

This incorporates information on your windshield – such as speed, GPS for turns, information on gas stations, restaurants and more.  The article states:
Having augmented reality display on a car windscreen would add a lot of functionality to the car. We would be able to see information like speed, navigation details and even the name of an incoming call with minimalistic designs on our windscreens.


Okay, electric cars will need lots of batteries (especially for longer trips).  This concept is to make the body with batteries (disguised as body parts – door panels, roof panel). The article comments on this:

As batteries used in existing electric cars are bulky and heavy, manufacturers have to find a suitable place to put the large amount of batteries, and at the same time, ensure that the car is well balanced throughout. What will be really cool is to have batteries hidden in plain sight by replacing the cosmetic parts of a car.

Self-healing paint:

So that scratch in the grocery store parking lot is ugly – well, with self-healing paint it disappears in a matter of time.  Again, the article shares this thought:
Self-healing paint has been around for some time now, but somehow hasn’t been implemented in consumer cars yet. Whatever the case may be, this is one cool technology – surface scratches will magically disappear after just a few minutes and your car will look like how it once was.

The article ends with this statement:

Technological advancements have certainly surpassed our expectations of what can be integrated into cars. However, some of these advanced features we have looked at may come with hefty price tags. Nonetheless, we can still hope for a time where technology becomes more efficient and cheaper, allowing for all these cool and futuristic features to be implemented in cars of every price range.”


What would you like to see in your future vehicle!!!



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