Blog Post #349:  Choosing to be happy

Blog Post #349:  Choosing to be happy

Over a year ago I attended a workshop on “Living Well Aware” (see:

This week’s on article is about being happy.

Quoting from the author:  Dr. Patricia Sulak

Happiness comes from the inside not the outside.  Life will never be perfect.  People will never do exactly what we want them to.  To me, happiness is a state of peace, joy, and love:  PEACE with unwanted past events and current situations that are not going as we would wish.   Finding JOY even in the mundane tasks and the many blessings we have. The ability to LOVE our family, friends and others, even in difficult times.  For me personally, happiness is a connection with a higher power as I strive to be the best version I am capable of being – no matter what life circumstances.  It’s knowing that I am not in control of most of life events, life is transient, and, importantly, I am not perfect and neither are others.

Choose to be happy!  Start and end each day in a state of GRATITUDE.  Look for the good in everyone and everything, rather than focusing on the negative.  Search for peace, joy, and love in the present moment, dumping depressive thoughts of the past and anxious thoughts of the future.   Let’s make a conscious decision to personally take full ownership of our emotional state and lead a life of happiness that is ours for the taking.

We get to choose how life goes – we can choose to be happy.  

This week we got a letter from the IRS informing us that they had audited last year’s return and we owe money.  That was not happy news, but we can choose our happiness.

1 Thessalonians 5:18 says “ in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”  Wow – what a concept – give thanks even for an audit from the IRS? Give thanks for a flat tire?  Give thanks for the unexpected death of a loved one? Give thanks for when I burned my hand cooking?  Give thanks when I hit my thumb with the hammer when I was doing some minor construction? Give thanks for my surgeries last year?  YES.  

That is tough –  but doable. We need to CHOOSE happiness; we need to CHOOSE to give thanks – in EVERYTHING.  

How about you?  Can you choose happiness?  Can you give thanks for EVERYTHING?

Thinks about it!!


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