Blog post #331 Mom, I need to go to the Moon!!!

Mom, I need to go to the Moon!!


Sometime in the future: “Mom, I forgot to do my homework.  But everything I need is on Wikipedia – and a copy of Wikipedia is on the moon, so I need to go there!!!”

In an article called: “The Arch Mission Foundation and Astrobotic plan to send a microfiche library to the moon”, I learned that the Arch Mission foundation is writing Wikipedia contents and more on to nickel microfiche.  

The article states:

“All of the content will be stored on “nickel microfiche” — the text and images will be etched by laser onto thin sheets of nickel. Spivack told me that nickel should be able to endure the harsh conditions of the moon (“it’s essentially indestructible”), while the microfiche format won’t require a computer to read, just a really powerful optical microscope: “We don’t want to assume in the distant future that somebody has our operating system.”

“This lunar library will be stored on the surface of the moon. Spivack said the library can also be extended and updated in the future with more storage devices.

“The ultimate goal, he said, is “putting these archives of human knowledge around the solar system.”

So a thousand years from now – a visitor to the moon can see what was written about a lot of things from WIkipedia – and that it will be on the moon.


Over the years, different groups have put artifacts into building cornerstones and into time capsules.  Here is almost the ultimate time capsule in an almost indestructible format on the moon. While I doubt that I will ever physically make it to the moon, maybe my great-great (40 times of ‘great’) grandchildren will make it there and find out what our current thoughts from 2018 were like.  

So to Bruce White, the 41:  I hope you find out all about the mundane knowledge of 2018 in the year 3018!!!

What do you think?

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