Blog Post #330 Is my food safe?

Is my food safe?

From New Technologies in Food Safety:

Food safety is getting to be big business.  When a recent scare of e-coli bacteria in romaine lettuce caused both good and bad romaine to be pulled off shelves it cost producers money, in addition to grocery wholesalers, restaurants and others.  Was this an isolated problem – isolated to a particular farm or packing / distribution center? Was it human / animal contamination?

This article talks of three ways that technology is helping in food safety:

#1 Light-based Technology:

The website says:

“Scientists are studying the use of ultraviolet light, LED lights, and pulsed light and their ability to eliminate bacteria from food products such as fruit juices and milk. Before ensuring food safety, more work need to be done to determine how these light waves penetrate foods at varying degrees. As of now, light-based technologies can breakdown bacterial cells on the surface. However, the main issue remains with the penetration depth. Food safety professionals need to ensure that every part of the food product is hit with the light. Once light-based technology is more developed, it can be a cost-effective way to eliminate food contaminants without compromising food quality. “

#2 3D printed sensors

These sensors can tell if a product is fresh (particularly milk).  The sensor has a smart cap that can determine freshness.

#3 Ultra-sonic spray nozzle system

Some products are sprayed with various antimicrobials to stop food borne problems.  These new spray systems are smaller and can do a much better job of covering the food products.

The article says “In order to attain better precision, an ultra-sonic spray nozzle system uses 50,000 electronic signals per second to eliminate pressure and create a tighter uniformity in droplet size. This allows for a consistent dosing of up to 1,000 slices per minute. “

I’m glad that new research into new technologies and techniques for food safety are being developed.  Food poisoning and e-coli bacteria poisoning are not things I want!!!

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