Blog Post #326:  I’m all thumbs!!!  

I’m all thumbs!!!  

The expression “I’m all thumbs” generally meant that you were clumsy.  Your fingers weren’t working well, you dropped things. Well, that old expression might be up for a change.

The article I’m looking at today is this:

This is an extra thumb – attaching to your hand at the little finger – so now you have two thumbs – a real thumb and an electronic thumb.

The article states: “The thumb straps on to the side of your hand, and connects to a bracelet containing wires and servos. The wearer controls it using pressure sensors that sit under the soles of their feet. If they press down with one foot the thumb will make a grasping movement, with these instructions sent to the wrist unit via Bluetooth. It sounds a bit fiddly, but Clode says people pick it up pretty quickly. It’s no more complex than, say, steering a car and operating the brake and accelerator at the same time.”

You control it with bluetooth connectivity and through your feet.  Sensors worn under the feet control the thumb’s gripping motion via Bluetooth..  Do you want a firm grip on that Ming Vase – not a problem with the extra thumb.

The author suggests that it is not needed, but also says it is great.  

What do you think? Ready for an extra gripping thumb?  I am!!!


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