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Amazon car delivery?

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Okay, I can get Amazon to deliver to my house, to my work – or to the trunk of my car!!!

So, through approval from the car owner (and through the various On-Star programs, Amazon delivery can go to your car, request On-Star to open the trunk – and put your items in your car.  

The article states:

“ Amazon announced today a new service that gives its couriers access to a person’s vehicle for the purpose of leaving package deliveries inside. But rather than use smart locks and a cloud-connected camera to gain entry, Amazon wants to use the connected technologies embedded in many modern vehicles today. The company is launching this new service in partnership with two major automakers — General Motors and Volvo — and will be rolling out in 37 cities in the US.”

“We were really happy with the response to in-home delivery,” Peter Larsen, vice president of delivery technology at Amazon, told The Verge. “What we wanted to do — and it was part of the plan all along — is how we take that beyond the home.”

“Amazon has been beta testing the new service in California and Washington state for the past six months. In a video by Amazon, a woman said she likes getting diapers delivered to her car because it meant her toddlers could nap without being disturbed by the doorbell. Another woman used it to have a few birthday presents delivered to the trunk of her car so as not to tip off her daughter.”

Amazon also has in-house service – where the homeowner gives Amazon permission to put packages in the house (through cameras and a special smart lock).

My take is generally good, but maybe not for perishable foods!!!  When I worked at the local university, Amazon could have delivered the various non-perishable items to my trunk and be done.  Our daughter has had Amazon packages taken off her porch – so in the car or in the house might be good options for her.

Fresh Direct a New York City warehouse grocery delivers to apartments and high rises in NYC but has a special delivery unit at the properties to keep perishable food cold.

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