Blog Post #310 Things beyond our control – Part II

As mentioned before after my surgeries of last year that I suffered some depression.  While my primary care physician has prescribed medications, she also requested a meeting for me with a social worker / counselor.

I don’t talk about mental health issues frequently (or … maybe not at all).  Attitude and mental soundness are important, but there are times that a person needs somebody to talk to / talk with.  That might be a counselor / social worker as in the case for tomorrow’s appointment. It might be a close friend (non-judgmental), minister, priest, rabbi or other.  I have a friend who is in spiritual direction and another who is a social worker / counselor. For this experience I wanted a new person. Counseling can help a person get back on track, to find hidden flaws and help correct them, and to ease the burden.  

In some respects my recent completion of a Stephen Ministry training course (and commissioning as a Stephen Minister) also fits the role of a counselor.  

It is intended to be a non-judgmental, but Christian ministry experience – one on one with the person.  Although I have not been assigned a person, I am eager (and somewhat scared) to start the process. I consider myself an encourager and motivator.  With the Stephen Ministry I can help a person by listening to them. I am not to solve their problems, but to discuss their problems.

Maybe I need a Stephen Minister for my situation.  I hope to both benefit from my counseling session tomorrow and to be to apply the concepts in my own ministry!!


What do you think?  

Have a great day!!



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