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I have written about grief in my last posts.  Yesterday i talked about the five stages of grief.  Today looking at depression and acceptance.

Depression happens when the person accepts that the situation happened – the son committed suicide and isn’t coming back – or the child that was run over is dead and not coming back – or that the spouse died and is gone.

Depression can be debiliating – one can wallow in the grief and depression.  Some people cannot get past depression.  It is like a quicksand dragging a person deeper and deeper into a pit of misery.  Sometimes the person goes back into anger or into denial.  A relationship has been broken    and probably cannot be fixed (or fixed easily).

To me the best way is to get to accepance.  Again Shakespeare calls out “what’s done cannot be undone”.  It is the way that it is.  You must move on.  You come to accept that the situation has changed.  Adapt /change -or be miserable.

What do you think?


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