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five stages of grief

I have written about some tragic events in the past two blog posts.

Today I’m going to look at the five stages of Gried

1- Denial

2- Anger

3- Bargaining

4- Depression

5- Acceptance

lets look at those stages

some tragic has happened- like you backed up and ran over a person (two days ago).  Generally the first stage might be denial.  “NO – that can’t be true – NO”.  You just cannot believe that it happened.

Let’s say you heard that a close friend that you saw two days ago died of a heart attack.  Two days ago you were talking and laughing – no she couldn’t be dead!!

Maybe you got a phone call from a law enforcement officer saying your daughter is dead from a car crash.  Again -denial that cannot be true

Then anger – you can be angry at yourself for failing to act, to show love.  In the case of the young man who committed suicide, the parents were both angry at themselves.  Thoughts like “We should have loved him more, we should have talked to him more, we should have seen that he was depressed”.  You might also be angry with him – why didn’t he communicate better?

For your friend who dead of a heart attack you might be angry with yourself-you could see he was overweight and needing exercise- you should have invited him to walk with you.

Of maybe angry with him for not taking care of himself better.

Grief is a natural thing.  More tomorrow about overcoming grief.

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