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Tragic Mistakes

i was reminded the other day of Tragic Mistakes.  In particular for one of those mistakes a man in our small South Dakota town accidentally ran over a mentally restarted girl.

This man was well known in town – pillar of the community of you will.  He WAS the town Santa Claus.  He was a business owner and a fine Christian.  Backing out of the Dairy Queen, somehow this girl was behind his car and didn’t move out of the way.  He didn’t realize he had hit her until it was too late.

He was devastated.  The mother of the girl did understand and the man compensated the mother and family “over and above”.

But for the rest of his days he carried this burden.  I’m sure that a Day didn’t go by without thinking about it.

Im not sure I can add much that I would have said to him.  The accident happened; the girl died; it was an accident – not intentional.

Im not sure if we have things like this in our lives – where a tragic event occurred.  At some point with God’s help we somehow have to get over it.

what do you think?


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