Blog Post #298 Morning Wishes

Blog Post #298 Morning Wishes

I did a blog recently on starting your morning.  Here are some additional morning thoughts (from:

1) Great attitude is like a perfect cup of coffee – don’t start you day without it. Good morning.

2) Good thoughts precede great deeds. Great deeds precede success. Have a great day.

3) Success comes to those who have the willpower to win over their snooze buttons. Wishing you an awesome morning.

4) This message is to remind you that you are beautiful, talented and one of a kind. No one can stop you from doing anything that is on your mind. Good morning.

5) Don’t wake up with the regret of what you couldn’t accomplish yesterday. Wake up while thinking about what you will be able to achieve today. Good morning.

Let’s look at the last two – with the last one first.

Don’t think about yesterday – it is gone – it is in the past.  Yes, you might have missed something yesterday, but forget about it – turn your face to the new day and start it with positive thoughts and actions!!!


Then the fourth one:

Yes – we are unique.  In each of us in our own ways we ARE beautiful, talented and definitely one of a kind.  You may not be the smartest, the fastest, the most knowledgeable – but YOU ARE YOU!! What are thinking about doing today?  Put it in your brain, make it solid – and go for it. When your mind and your body align, you CAN move mountains.


What do you think?  What is on your mind?  What do you want to do today?  Can you approach it with gusto and make it happen?  YES YOU CAN!!!

Have a great day!!



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