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Yes, I give advice here.  I find things that have worked for me (or for others) and am glad to share them.  Sometimes I find quotes and/or Biblical verses that inspire, correct, guide or admonish you.

Today is no exception.

The advice is:  You make your own life!!

That’s it – ultimately you make your own decisions and you make your own life.  

Your parents may direct you when you are younger – either overtly or subtly.  They might say ‘Go into this major field’ (overt) or ‘I think this major field would be a good choice’ (or even ‘this major field was great for my friend <name>’).

That is advice – we can act on the advice – or we can ignore the advice – or we can incorporate some of the advice into our lives.  

As you get married your spouse may give advice.  And again this can be overt or subtle. Things like “Dear, it would be great is you <did this advice>”; or the subtle “I see <name> did great in <this area / major / advice>.” (which implies it would be good for you.

BUT – you are not like somebody else.  In High School, a distance cousin was head-and-shoulders over me in terms of grades.  In college I was way ahead of him in terms of grades. From high school (where honestly, I didn’t really care) to college (where I was in charge of my life), things really switched around.

Three days ago, I attended a five-and-six year old soccer game where my granddaughters played.  One of the granddaughters did pretty much what she was directed to do by the coach and by her mother / grandmother.  The other one did pretty much what she wanted to do – ignored the coach, didn’t do a great job on the field. Mom and grandma urged the second girl to play harder, to go to the ball, to kick it towards the goal – but she did her own thing.  If one was to guess from age five, she will never play in the Olympics on the women’s soccer team. Is that bad? Could and should she be learned about teamwork, paying attention to a coach, and doing some good actions? Absolutely. But, maybe at age five she had made an internal decision that soccer isn’t ‘her thing’.

How about you?  Are you following somebody else’s advice?  Not that advice is bad, but you do make your own life.  You can incorporate some advice about how to get promoted and how to make more money (if that is your goal) or how to have a better marriage – or you can ignore the advice – your choice.  

In some families, the son takes after the father.  If the grandfather / father were lawyers, the son is expected to be a lawyer as well.  But, what if the son doesn’t want to be a lawyer but a salesman? You make your own life.  

So what do you think?  Are you making your own life or is somebody’s advice holding you back?   Is that important to you?  

Go for it!! Have a great day!!



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