Blog Post #294 Cure for Loneliness

Are you lonely?

Shaunti Feldhahn has these two thought, that I am borrowing today.

1:  Build a community.
2:  Ask for help

Let’s look at those.

Build a Community:

When I was a professor, I had a community.  I didn’t need to build it, the student, administration, professors, and all built it for me.  When I walked into a class on the first day, the community was there. The students had registered for my class section.  Some had picked my section because the time was right for them; some had looked at various reviews that suggested I was a fair and honest professor; others had talked to their friends who had taken my class before and strongly endorsed my class / section.

I had other communities.  In Hamden, I had two (three?) symphony orchestras for communities:  Hamden Symphony, Cheshire Symphony (and on occasion Quinnipiac University Symphony).  I had the Pep Band community; the Sig Ep community; the St. Rita community.

In Leander, my communities are less with my retirement.  The university community is smaller as I only see those that have befriended me on Facebook.  I’m kind of leaving the Band of the Hills community; I like the Brushy Creek Brass Band group – but that is a sporadic community for May and October.  I have a men’s group through Gateway Church that is a community and another at St. Vincent de Paul church. I’m in a Stephen Ministry community. I’m in the Vista Ridge HOA community. Not quite the same involvement as my Hamden Communities.  

I’ve been in a lot of online communities.  Facebook is one community that I appreciate – with college friends (both from my attendance and my teaching); and more.  I was in a great Twitter community with transgender friends until that caused angst in my family.

I know I need to cultivate a new and larger community.  I can do that be stretching my neck out – being more open than I have been in the past year.

Ask for help:

Going along with the first suggestion (build a community) is being able to ask for help.  If I do leave the Band of the Hills, is there a music community that I can join (or start)?  Is there a work community? More interaction with the Leander Middle School people? Go to games and events?  Get to know more of the faculty and students.

I’ve asked our daughter for help and am planning on attending a BSF group tonight for a new community.  Let’s see if that can blossom into more friends and a close environment.

Build a community / join communities / be an active and vital part of those communities

Ask others, reach out, as for help – be a friend

So how about you?  Are you reaching out and building or joining communities?

What do you think?

Go for it!! Have a great day!!



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