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From Ben Franklin, American Statesman  

  • “Be civil to all; sociable to many, familiar with few; friend to one; enemy to none”;
  • “Be slow in choosing a friend, and slower in changing”.

Making enemies is not ever a good plan.  Being civil (nice) to all people will tilt things in your favor.    The pyramid that Franklin suggests – civil to all, sociable (friendly) to many; familiar (close) to few; friend to one great friend is laudatory.  Do you have such a pyramid? (Do I have such a pyramid?)

Making a great friend does take time – and keeping a friend is very important.  Franklin suggests we take our time to find and choose a friend.

I have a great friend that unfortunately likes 18 hours of driving away.  But, when we get together, it is like we see each other everyday. We pick up conversations right where they stopped.  We were sociable until fate brought us closer together. Long road trips with just the two of us meant lots of screen time (front windshield time really); prompted us to talk and to grow closer.  We did some really interesting things together – road trips to Omaha, followed to Rochester, Owatonna, Minneapolis, Marshall and Sioux Falls. A long road trip from South Dakota to Texas. Conferences around the United States – and flying first class back to South Dakota from Orlando.  Flooding in San Antonio. Maybe the most inspired (or least inspired) was when the two of us “recalled” the degrees of our students so we could have an alumni gathering. (We can laugh about it now – although the administration wasn’t quite sure when alumni in our major called and said “Tom and Bruce are recalling our degrees”).

So, what about you?  Are you cultivating close friends?  Do you have special friends? Can you share your experience at:

Go for it!! Have a great day!!



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