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David beat Goliath again

In the NCAA March Madness Division I basketball, there are four regions; and in each region are 16 teams.  The committee evaluates each team and gives each team in a region a ranking – or a seed. The best team gets the number 1 seed and the worst team (that made the tournament that is) gets a #16 seed.

This year is no difference.  Through the first round of the tournament, there are some upsets – such as a couple of #13 seeds beating #4 seeds; a few #9 seeds beating #8 seeds.  But the shocker of 2018 is #16 University of Maryland Baltimore County (maybe better known as UMBC) beat the number 1 seed Virginia. And, not just beat them – UMBC won by 20 points.

Throughout history, there have been upsets – the favorites defeated by some lowly advacary.  Maybe David versus Goliath in the Bible is a typical one. The giant, undefeated, against the lowly shepherd boy with only a slingshot and five smooth stones.  Truman defeats Dewey.

Are there lessons to be learned with a #16 seed beating a #1 seed?

Sure – for the #1 seed:  sometimes it is easy to overlook that first game.  UMBC? Never heard of them. We should get Creighton or Kansas State in the second game of the tourney.  Retrievers? What kind of a team name is that for UMBC? It can be easy to be cocky and ‘assume’ that the ‘better team will win’.

Sure – for the #16 seed:  keep fighting, keep going.  What are the other teams weak spots?  How can we take advantage of those weak spots?  How do we prepare for this game? (And … don’t be defeated before it starts.  Your attitude must be ‘we CAN do it’ – rather than ‘wow – we did good to be in the tournament this year’.

Of the 64 teams that starts, 32 teams remain.  UMBC can say ‘we are among the 32 best college basketball teams in the country this year’.  They also can say through good logic – we beat one of the four teams expected to be in the final four this year; we beat them.  Now WE carry the mantle of a #1 seed forward. Their opponents for the next round were anticipating playing a top seed (Virginia) and now have to be prepared for a different team (that they probably didn’t scout).

How is it in life?  Can a start up company displace an established company?  Sure. Can an underdog beat the favorite in the business field?  Back in the early days of computing Sperry Univac was recognized as a superior computing machine, but IBM hustled more – and out sold Univac and took over the first place in the large computing market.

Hustle, keep your attitude, and keep going.  Use your skills and motivation to move to the top.

Go for it!!

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