Blog Post #271 Make the status quo painful and the new reality beautiful

Change – always tough.  

We are in the process of changing seasons in North America.  People (especially in some parts of the country) are getting tired of ice and snow.  For other parts of the country, this change will lead to a hot summer (like in Arizona and Texas).  The seasons change – not by our will – but by nature. The Earth is on a tilted axis – so the southern hemisphere is closer to the sun in our ‘winter’ and the northern hemisphere is closer in our ‘summer’.  (Of course summer in the northern hemisphere is winter in the southern hemisphere and visa versa).

The change of seasons in the north frequently brings on harsh weather.  A little later in spring we’ll have more tornados (especially in tornado alley of Oklahoma and Kansas).  Battling cold and warm fronts will push storms eastward.

But while change is periodical / seasonal in weather, personal change is determined by us.

As I set today and write, I’m being a ‘couch potato’.  I should get up and outside and get a nice walk in. I should walk to a shop about a mile-and-one-half and pick up something my wife wants – and walk back.  The weather is clear but cooler (mid-sixties) – but ideal for a walk – so why am I not outside and going?

The status quo of just sitting and writing is easier than launching out on the walk.  Inertia is not my friend today (or most days).

One successful ploy is to make the status quo painful.  Maybe I should be sitting in a hard wooden chair. It might be comfortable for say 30 minutes and then it will become uncomfortable.  With each passing minute, the chair will become harder. My bottom will be tired of that hard chair. That would make the new reality more attractive.  

We may need to play mind games with ourselves – “the grass is really greener on the other side of the fence”.  We need to get up and moving on our new projects. Inertia says ‘stay where you are’; motivation says “Get going – there a new horizons and new adventures starting when we move out of our comfort zone.

Make the status quo painful.  Make change inviting and so very promising that we can’t just sit, but we have to move.

So, I’m starting to rush this blog post – so I can get going.  I have things to do and the status quo is not advancing anything!!

What about you?  Can you make the status quo painful enough to get you moving and growing?  How are you going to do it?


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