Blog Post #265:  FEAR

Blog Post #265:  FEAR

Taking a Zig Ziglar quote today:  F-E-A-R has two meanings – “Forget Everything And Run”; or “Face Everything And Rise”.

So, I’m scared of failing.  So, I just take the safe way out.  Now there maybe be places and times to take the safe way out.  I’m not a stock market expert – so I could invest my money myself – and let a professional financial expert spread it over several stocks and investments.  That would be safe – and probably in the “Forget Everything And Run” category. That just might make sense – hire a professional for the jobs you don’t want to do.

Maybe I have a business opportunity – I can run and hide – or I can rise above it.  It is my decision.

I have been retired for almost two years.  It has been a challenge. I find that I am bored – and I know that when I am bored I can lose interest in life.  I need something to keep me busy. Can I ‘forget everything and run’ and take life slowly. Okay – bring out the jigsaw puzzles; bring out the crossword puzzle books; and the Sudoku books.  Let me sit in my favorite reclining chair and after a couple of hours put my head back and take a cat nap.

I’m stuck on the ‘how to’ part of ‘Face Everything And Rise’ option.  I have applied for several jobs that interest me – tutoring in math for Sylvan Learning and other learning centers; working (or volunteering) at a local hospital; working (volunteering) at the local food pantry; working (volunteering) at the local school mentoring a child (that I am doing); taking the training to be a one-on-one mentor for a person who has some conflicts in his life (like lose of a spouse; lose of a job; some health issues; etc.).  I expect that I will be ‘commissioned’ and start that volunteering in the next two months.

Mentally I need to accept the new challenges and “face everything and rise”.

So, do you have challenges to “Face Everything and Rise”? Or are you in the “Forget Everything And Run” camp?  What are you going to do about it?

What do you think?

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For two years I have considered myself with some transgender tendencies.  I have read, thought, mentally debated various options within that area. I could do nothing; I could cross dress but only in the house on limited occasions; or at the far end of that spectrum, I could openly declare my intentions to be a woman.  That would mean ‘face everything and rise’. I would go on hormone replacement therapy (HRT); I would dress as a female 24/7; I would have to ‘walk the walk and talk the talk’ and learn how to walk as a female and work on my speech to talk as a female.  I would need to grow out my hair and have it styled as a female; I would need to carry a purse rather than a man’s wallet. And … I would probably incur the wrath of my wife and daughter and be banned from their lives. For the time being, I’m definitely in the “Forget Everything and Run” stage.  The probability is that I will never leave that “Forget Everything and Run” stage (but it is fun and exciting to think I could do this).


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