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From Zig Ziglar: “You never know when a moment and a few sincere words can have an impact on a life”

Zig Ziglar has had a profound influence on my life (even though I never met him, I like his books, his tapes, and more).  He talks of his southern drawl and how bad it is for us Northerners to not have it.

I do remember a story he tells of a man going through a cafeteria line.  He stops to talk to most of the people behind the counter.  He looks them in the eye, smiles and says something like “I’m glad you are here.  I’ve noticed you over the years and I like your smile and your style.” (varying it from person to person).

The person hearing it reacts well – gets a big smile.  

But it can’t be contrived, it needs to be sincere.  

A group I am a part of calls these ‘affirmations’.  Affirming the other person’s positive traits.  I already affirm my grandchildren a lot – but do I affirm my wife and my children (and their spouses)?  

It might be just a quick passing my daughter-in-law in the kitchen and tell her how happy I am that she is part of the family and what great things she is doing with our grandchildren, or how loving she is to our son.  Maybe it is the janitor at work – tell him/her that you really appreciate having your trash emptied, your floor vacuumed and that he really does a great job.  Again, do it sincerely.  Try it slowly and then keep it going.  

For example, the janitor is almost never really noticed.  Find out something about him (like he loves the New York Yankees baseball team).  Ask him how the season looks.  Just talking with him affirms him as a person – not just a cog in a big machine.  Maybe someday we’ll have robots come down the hall and grab the trash can and empty it; maybe a quick vacuum of the floor – but it won’t be the same as having a flesh-and-blood real person.

Be an encourager, affirm people, be positive in all things out of your mouth

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