Blog post #243 – Many hands make light work.

Back to adages.  Today – “Many Hands make light work”

I’ve used this as a joke many times.  If the lights go off (like in an electrical storm), you get everybody in the room / house / place to stand up and raise their hands – because “many hands make light work”.

The concept today is that having a group of people doing a project makes it go quicker.

If you have a group of people painting your living room, it will get down quicker, you will have people to talk to during the process, and the time will fly.

In our neighborhood, the homeowner association (HOA) has hired a maintenance crew to mow.  They should up with two to three mowers, two or three edgers, two of three blowers.  They hit the ground running.  Where one person could have done the work, with four people on the crew, they work together and can move on to the next project.  

It does help to have somebody working with you.  Light conversation and interaction can make a heavy task more bearable.

So – many hands do make the project  / the task / the work go quicker.

In today’s business environment, it is rare to find a project with just one person working on it.  Most projects are team projects – sure there is a leader of the team – but will all joining in to complete it, it is “light” work.


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