Blog post #235 – Superbowl Sunday!!!

Blog post #235 – Superbowl Sunday!!!

Today in the United States is Super Bowl Sunday.  This afternoon the New England Patriots will face the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl 52 – opps that is Super Bowl LII  (other than Super Bowl 50, the NFL – National Football League has used Roman Numerals to designate the number).

Wikipedia notes:
Many pizza delivery businesses see their order numbers double as roughly 60 percent of the take out ordered on Super Bowl Sunday is pizza. Roughly 28,000,000 pounds (13,000,000 kg) of chips, 1.25 billion chicken wings, and 8,000,000 pounds (3,600,000 kg) of guacamole are consumed during the Super Bowl.”

And this:

“some police departments have noticed a dramatic increase in drunk driving on Super Bowl Sunday”

This unofficial holiday is second to Thanksgiving in terms of food consumed.

Many who never watch football will tune in – to see amazing commercials.  The cost for a 30 second commercial is 5 million dollars but that commercial generally reaches a huge audience of viewers.  There are those that also will watch the commercials off the internet.  You can see the commercials at:

Today, how about a brief reflection on those statistics.  What if you could have a commercial for YOU on the Super Bowl?  What if you were as diligent on your business as the NFL and television networks are for the Super Bowl?  

Fifty-two years ago was the first Super Bowl – where the ads cost only $42,000 for a 30 second spot.  Fifty-three years ago, there wasn’t a Super Bowl – yet, here we are – all hyped up about a football game!!  Could we or this country get as hyped up about education, the environment, healthcare, security, immigration, and other social and global issues?  

In terms of the age of this country, this event is still somewhat a baby.  In my lifetime, this has grown from an idea to a huge multi-million dollar event.  What if you had an idea – a goal – that could grow to a huge multi-million business?  

YOU CAN DO IT – put the time and resources into making your ideas work – and maybe 52 years from now, the BRUCE WHITE event (or whoever you are) can be the same colossal event – or even bigger?  Can you dream it, can you make it?

Go for it!!!


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