Post 216 New Year Resolutions: SMART Goals

Blog post #216 – New Year Resolutions and SMART Goals

Background:  In October 2017, I had opened my blog for others to make comments.  Within a day, the blog was ‘taken-over’ (I’m guessing with a lot of Russian users).  I couldn’t get on my own site!!

Steven – our web / network guru – and his crew fixed that.  Now I’m back on.

I will continue in my style – some blog posts on aging, some on motivation, some on life issues, some on technology, and others at my whim!!!  


But to get us started today, talking about motivation.  New Year’s Resolutions and SMART Goals

I set goals all the time – short term, medium term, long term (like living until at least 98!!).  New Year’s Resolutions are a way to approach the new year with resolve – setting goals, envisioning the future.

Goals as we know should be SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely.  Many people who are not used to goal setting do try to do New Year’s Resolutions.  They tend to be vague, non measurable, achievable (maybe), realistic and timely.  These might be like:  This year I will lose weight.  Good idea.  How much weight?  Maybe something like by March 1st I will weigh no more than 195 pounds.  That is specific (number), measurable (did I make it or not – and in this case, you may want to put in intermediate values – by January 15, by February 1; by February 15 with specific numbers); achievable (depending on your starting value – if you are 300 pounds, getting to 195 by March 1 is not achievable; if you are 205 pounds getting 1o 195 by March 1st is achievable); the goal is realistic and timely.

You can (should) pair your goals with imaging.  Taking the losing weight example, think of new clothes you can wear, or how your pants that have gotten tight will no longer be tight, of the double chin going away, of smiling at your success.  

Another goal many have for New Year’s Resolutions is to exercise.  Something like “I will exercise more this year”.  Nice thoughts – but not SMART.  

Or … this year I will stop smoking – vague – maybe by March 1st, I will totally be a non-smoker.  I will visit my doctor by January 4th to talk about smoking cessation methods; by January 15th, I will have worn non-smoking patches for a week; I will also have been to my first non-smoking group session, etc.  

Then make it real:  Put post-it notes on your bathroom mirror – so every time you look in the mirror you see your note.  Put a post-it note on the refrigerator; on your steering wheel; let your spouse, friends, family know – so if the see you eating junk food / smoking / being a couch potato they can help you get back on track.

The take-away from today’s blog – make SMART goals and hold yourself accountable.

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(Maybe one of your goals will be to have a motivational speaker for your company.  Contact me and we’ll set something up!!!)

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