Emotions and Career Change

Emotions and Career Change


Think about that – You – by your choices – are your own boss. If your brain has checked out of your job, your work is pretty much worthless. If your brain is stimulated and excited about your work, you will do your job with PASSION and ENTHUSIASM.

You originally choose your job and career. You may have gone to college in a particular major to be ready for a career in that field. You went through research, applications and interviews for jobs. You had job offers and you got to say “Yes” or “No” to accept or reject the job. You choose your job.

You went to your first day of your first ‘real’ job maybe a little scared and probably very excited. You had high expectations and looking forward to a long career.

At some point that excitement became humdrum – your expectations lowered and you wanted to get through the days. You looked forward to the weekends and the vacations. You didn’t get up on Monday and say “WOO – YES – I get to go to work!!” You did what you needed to ‘get through it’. If you are like some people, you started to come in late and leave early. You complained to your spouse

We have talked ATTITUDE many times – and here again – passion, enthusiasm and attitude.

Recently Southwest Airlines on their ads on NFL football has a military situation and the general (or commanding office) needs to give his password to the technician to stop the situation. His password is: “ihatemyjob1” – that is an ATTITUDE problem. (by-the-way, I can’t imagine a commanding officer having such an attitude problem!!)

Your career is too important to approach with apathy!!!

If you approach your career as casually as getting a glass of water from the tap, you are not going anyplace – and you might the next one to use the “ihatemyjob1” password.

Work for others – tell your story to the world – be assertive, be ambitious. Find your passion and go for it!!!

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