Garbage in / Garbage Out

Garbage in – Garbage out

In computing, we have an adage “Garbage in, Garbage out”. (GIGO). In computing that means (generally) if you have bad data, you’ll get bad results. It also means what are we collecting?

I had subscribed to a magazine some time ago. Somehow the magazine got my first name as “Burce” instead of “Bruce”. I got some other advertisements sent to “Burce White” – as this magazine sold my name and address to other advertisers.

I contacted them and said “Hey, my name is “Bruce””. But, to no avail. For the year that I got this magazine, I was “Burce”. When it came time to renew, I did not renew my subscription – not that I didn’t like the magazine (it was okay’) , but for poor customer service and for getting my name wrong.

Working with two other professors, we were doing research on teaching online classes. We had a great survey instrument that we sent to many professors. The results were interesting and we were preparing the survey data with other research data when we noticed that 100% of the professors surveys said they would NEVER again teach an online course. Wow – we had a significant result – professors who had taught online saying they would never teach online again. But, as we checked farther, the survey asked “Would you teach online again” and the screen display said “Yes” “No”. But the underlying code had “1” and “0”. Our data was worthless – garbage in, garbage out.

Our brains are also like that – garbage in, garbage out. Our self-talk can help overcome that – telling ourselves positive thoughts – “Yes, I can do it”; instead of “No, I can’t do it”.

Taking that another step; what else are we putting in our brains? Are we ‘sharpening the saw’? Do we spend some time reading and enlarging our knowledge? Do we practice speaking and listening? How about improving our soft-skills and management skills?

I like to multi-task (especially when driving). I have downloaded podcasts to my iPhone and can listen while I’m driving. Or good stuff in; good stuff out.

I can multitask while watching television. (I really don’t watch much television). I love to watch my favorite football teams (college – Texas Longhorns and Nebraska Cornhuskers; Pro – Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings and Dallas Cowboys). But, while I’m watching the games, I’ll be on my laptop, reading articles, doing planning and improving my brain. Even when I’m in the restroom, I’ll pull out my affirmations / goals card and reread my goals and my affirmations to keep them fresh in my brain.

So … how might you keep garbage out of your brain? How can you feed your brain with success, career goals, positive thinking?

How might you use your time to multi-task?

Think about it!!

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